Winter Weather Packing and Insurance

Winter Weather Packing and Insurance

Winter Weather Packing and Insurance

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No one likes a frozen plant! By purchasing this winter insurance, you will receive 

  • Personalized weather check. If your weather is too cold to ship, we will be in touch, and will automatically hold your order until it is safe to send them to you OR package with insulation if temperatures are safe. 
  • Free 72-Hour heat pack and Insulation (if we deem necessary) Note: NOT ALL ORDERS WILL SHIP WITH HEATPACKS. This purchase does not guarantee your order will ship with heat; we will only ship with heat if we deem it necessary. 
  • Replacement or Refund insurance in the rare instance that there is cold damage. Your purchase will be covered 100% 

Please note that we HIGHLY recommend shipping with USPS Express mail or UPS 2-day Air when purchasing plants in the winter. We may hold the items for several weeks if weather is too cold and overnight shipping is not purchased. Per the HDO Terms of Service, HDO's live arrival guarantee is void when a customer chooses USPS Priority Mail.

Please note that if this insurance is NOT purchased, HDO is not liable for damage to plants caused by cold. 


Winter Insurance FAQ’s 

How cold is too cold to ship? We consider high temperatures below freezing on delivery day to be "too cold" even with heat. Ideally we look for temps to be above freezing at night for 3-4 days before shipping more sensitive plants.

How cold do my temperatures need to be to ship with a heat pack? Temperatures between freezing and 45 degrees as a high on delivery day typically merit a heat pack and insulation.  However, we find that Cattleyas do not ship well with heatpacks, and we may hold your order until weather is safe to ship without heat. 

I paid for winter insurance but didn’t get a heatpack! Why? 
We have observed WAY more damage to plants caused by heatpacks included in shipments to warm areas than actual cold damage to plants. We personally check your weather forecast, and check the plants in your order, and decide if there is a need for a heatpack. Often times, it is not necessary. We will always check! 



 Why is shipping only $1?

Well, it isn't. We have found that many of our plants sell out very quickly, leading to customers making multiple orders with single items. We don't want you to have to pay shipping on every order you make, so we have the $1 combined shipping option available at checkout. If you have an open order with us, and shipping has been paid on that order, then no additional funds are necessary. If you chose the $1 shipping option and have no preexisting order, you will receive an invoice in the next few days requesting additional payment for shipping. The invoice will be for USPS Priority by default. If you have a different preferred shipping method, please email and we would be happy to adjust to your shipping method. By clicking that you accept our terms of service, you agree that you will be paying the full cost of shipping and that you understand that shipping will cost more than $1. 

How much does shipping cost? 

This depends on your location, relative to HDO. USPS Priority is the cheapest option, starting at $10.80. We do not charge any additional “Handling” fee, and we keep our costs as low as possible. HDO does not profit from shipping costs in any way, and our prices are very competitive.  To see the exact amount you will be charged for shipping, you should add all your items to your cart and enter your shipping address. You will see all of the options for shipping as well as their costs. 

Can you hold my plants to save on shipping? 

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the space to support an open box policy, and any orders that contain more than two plants will be shipped the immediate following week. Exceptions can be made for cold weather, vacations, or emergencies. 

When do you ship? 

Most of our customers select USPS Priority as their preferred shipping method. Because of this, we like to ship exclusively on Mondays to ensure that packages are delivered before the weekend. 


Local shopping FAQ's:

Can I shop in person? 

We are not open to in-person shopping. We are a working nursery, and do not have staff available to assist shoppers. 

Can I purchase a plant for local pickup?

Yes! Absolutely! We love our local customers. If you are local and would like to pick up your order, simply select the Pickup option at checkout. 

I don't want to pick up, can you still ship my order? 

Yes. In this case, you just proceed with your order and pay the shipping option of your choice. We will ship it with the rest of our out-of-state orders on the following Monday or Tuesday. 

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