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Laelia alaorii albiscens
Laelia alaorii albiscens

Laelia alaorii albiscens

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Freshly Mounted. Leaves are a little dehydrated, but roots are good so it should recover with proper watering and humidity. We only have one plant available at this size. 

L. alaorii is a member of the hadrolaelia section Cattleyas. A miniature plant, flowers are usually quite small, around 1.5" and soft pink to white. This plant is nearly all white, but does have some pink in the lip so it is merely albiscens. New flowers emerge from the new growths as they are developing, similar to Sophronitis, and do not produce sheaths like larger Cattleya. 

Not fragrant, but quite miniature growing and very easy to flower. L. alaorii can grow very shady.