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Bulbophyllum polliculosum
Bulbophyllum polliculosum

Bulbophyllum polliculosum

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Tiny miniature bulbo, fairly new to cultivation. Deciduous plants will need a drier cooler winter rest in order to grow and flower. 

These are difficult plants and not a lot is known about their cultivation. 

We recommend intermediate temperatures, and a cooler winter down into the 55-60 range at night in winter. Plants should be grown in high humidity (85%+) and kept moist while growing in the spring and summer. These will grow for a short period in the late spring-fall and then lose their leaves in the fall. Once plants lose their leaves, reduce watering, and water only enough to keep the bulbs from wrinkling excessively. Humidity should be kept high. We recommend watering with a high quality water such as RO, distilled or rain water and fertilizing with 1/4 strength fertilizer with every watering, year-round.