Terms of service

HDO reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion.

Plants are NOT sold in spike. Assume your plant is blooming size only, we will send blooming/budded plants when available, but we do not sell them as such. 

Due to prohibitively expensive shipping and inspection costs, we do not ship to Hawaii. 

Please be aware that the $1 combined shipping option is the default when you select your shipping speed. Customers who choose this option MUST have an outstanding order where shipping has already been paid. The cost of shipping will be determined by HDO and you will be billed in addition to the $1. 

If you select the $1 option by accident, you will receive an invoice the weekend after you place the order with the cost of shipping included. By selecting that you accept HDO’s Terms of Service, you understand that you will be billed this additional amount, and it is the duty of the customer to check their email for this invoice and pay it in a timely manner. 

To avoid delays in shipping your order, please be sure to pay the full cost of shipping with your first order. Simply click the dropdown menu at checkout and you will see the full list of shipping options. HDO is not responsible for any delay caused by unpaid shipping fees. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that the shipping invoice has not been paid for more than two weeks.