About HDO

High Desert Orchids started as a small "side hustle" in 2018. We started the business as a way to offset the costs of having built a custom greenhouse in our backyard. The main driving force of the business is Kelly McCracken, though it is co-owned by Kelly and her husband Stephen. 

HDO began on Facebook as the group High Desert Orchids - Orchids for Sale. There, I list plants for sale individually as well as conduct a weekly livestream in which I sell around 200 plants in an evening. The livestream is fun, but it doesn't cater well to customers who prefer a lower-stress and slower shopping experience. Thus, Highdesertorchids.com was born. 

High Desert Orchids will still have a presence on Facebook, and we highly recommend joining that group for promotions, livestreams, deals, one-of-a-kind plants, and more! 

HDO specializes in miniature orchids for the home, terrarium, and limited space greenhouse grower. We also carry a variety of large and compact orchids (though less frequently), for those who do not like miniatures. Our goal is to provide unique, healthy plants that can be grown in the limited space that home and windowsill growers have.