HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA

HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA
HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA
HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA
HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA

HDO 2020 Project Plant CATTLEYA

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Pot. Circle of Angels  x Slc. Mem. Trudi Marsh 'Sun Flair'

Wondering what the project plant is? Read below

Pot. Circle of Angels x Slc. Mem. Trudi Marsh 'Sun Flair' - These are two miniature flared rose to purple minicatts, some may be red. They should flower 2-3 times a year, on every new growth. We will see a range from soft rose pink, to darker rouge pink, some orange and some orange red  there may be a few darker red. It will be really fun to see the variation on the flowers with this cross 

Every year, HDO sponsors what we call the "Project Plant" This is a wonderful project that unites growers across the country. HDO procures a large number of seedlings (i.e. seed grown, NOT Seedling size) of a particular grex, and sells them to whomever is interested. The plants are then grown however the new owner sees fit, in their environment. We share our progress, pitfalls, and flowers via the HDO Facebook group, and everyone gets to see the amazing variation between the plants as they bloom. This is the third year we have done this, its always fun, and I always get requests to do it again. The mission of this project is to learn about others growing, improve our own growing, but most of all to unite and engage with other growers across the country and share our love for beautiful flowers. 



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