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Growing Orchids Under Artificial Light

  • Optimal Lighting Orientation for LED Bar Lights

    This article describes the best way to set up your bar-light LED fixtures. It will discuss in detail at what heights, and how far apart the lights should be. As well as how many bulbs you will need to grow the types of plants you want.
  • Measuring Artificial Light without a Quantum PAR Meter

    One thing I hear from a lot of folks is: "I don't have a PAR meter, so how can I measure the artificial light my plants are getting?" This article outlines three ways you can understand the brightness values emitted by your growlight bulbs.
  • Target PPFD for Orchids and Tropical Plants

    This article talks in depth about how we decided on the specific PPFD values we grow our plants under, and what exactly we grow at what level.
  • An Introduction into PAR, PPFD and Why You Should Forget Lumens

    Why we use PPFD to measure the light we give to our orchids and tropical plants. This article also includes recommended light targets for various plants including Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Oncidium and houseplants such as African violets, Monstera and tropical Aroids, Begonia, Ferns, Syngonium etc.